Our Amazing Executives

ReachiAfrica Deborah Popoola

Miss Deborah Popoola - Executive Director

Deborah  Popoola is a medical doctor-in-training and a social entrepreneur. She is driven by a mission towards contributing her quota to achieving SDG 3&4 for Children living in underserved communities, this remains the motivation behind her active volunteerism and community service over the past 4years. She has worked with several organisations such as Clinton Health Access Initiative, where she helped to compile and organise healthcare data, to assist in delivering optimal healthcare management in Nigeria. Through her experience in active citizenship and volunteering, she has developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. She is a member of the Millennium Campus Network and an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative RLC Fellowship. At leisure, she loves to read comic books and watch sci-fi movies.

ReachiAfrica Olaoluwa Adeyemo

MR OLAOLUWA ADEYEMO- Deputy Executive Director

Olaoluwa Adeyemo is a medical doctor-in-training who is passionate about achieving the sustainable development goals 3 &4 in Africa. He strongly believes that quality education and good healthcare delivery are  pivotal to the development of any individual or society. His passion towards achieving these has driven him to work on numerous projects targeted at making the society a better place. He has over 4 years experience of working with non-profits in planning and implementing various social impact projects in different communities across the African continent. He has also undergone numerous leadership trainings and youth fellowships, including the United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Campus Network (UNAI MCN) and Young African Leadership Initiative RLC fellowship. He enjoys reading historical fiction, biographies and listening to African music at leisure.

ReachiAfrica Blessing Ogungbemi

Miss Blessing Ogungbemi- Secretary/Task Manager

Blessing Ogungbemi is a multi-talented individual, and a highly organised personality who has a predilection for being proactive, determined and successful. She has over three years of experience in Volunteering, Leadership, and Mentorship. She is a supporter of the rights of girls and young women in the Nigerian society.  As a youth leader  with a keen interest in politics, she strongly believes in the ability of the african girl child to create a positive future for herself and her community.  She is also a thriving fashion designer. Her hobbies include: Traveling, cooking and reading.

ReachiAfrica Mary Ajayi

Miss Mary Ajayi- Director, Project & Logistics Management

Mary Ajayi is a health practitioner and a health educator. She is a professional nurse and works at the Royal Cross medical center to help contribute her quota towards achieving universal health coverage in Nigeria. She has participated in several medical outreaches with several other organizations. She hope to impact the world through humanitarian services as she work towards improving the health and livelihood of more children in Africa. She loves to listen to good music and travel to tourist centers at leisure.

ReachiAfrica Sanni Rodiat

Miss Sanni Rodiat Oluwatosin - Director, Design and Branding

Sanni Rodiat Oluwatosin is an IT Enthusiast, a travel blogger, and a serial volunteer. Rodiat is a highly organised personality who is passionate about social impact, this has driven her towards being proactive in volunteering for different Not-for-profit organizations. She loves to design graphics and create digital contents. Aside from designing, at leisure, she loves to travel, meet new people and read books.

ReachiAfrica Olarewaju Moses

Olarewaju Moses- Director II, Design and Branding

Olarewaju Moses is a Medical Doctor-in-training who is passionate about Child and Adolescent Health Education. He has served with distinction and currently serves in various committees within his student body. His passion for capacity building and advocacy for children in underserved communities led him to join the organisation. He is a professional graphics designer and an amateur website developer. His interests are majorly in Information Technology(IT), Politics and Capacity Building.

ReachiAfrica Mary Suleiman

Miss Mary Suleiman - Director, Finance Resources Management

Mary Suleiman is a medical doctor-in-training, an enthusiast of the sustainable development goals 3 and 4, who firmly believes these goals can be achieved. Over the past two years, she has actively volunteered with non governmental organizations who seek to achieve these goals. 

She strongly believes that through REACHi AFRICA, she can empower children and women in low socio-economic status by combating poor personal hygiene and unhealthy lifestyles choices. She is passionate about the Nigerian Healthcare System and hopes to be at the forefront of its transformation into a success story. She loves to cook, and try it new food recipes at leisure.

ReachiAfrica Michael Aiyepada

Mr Michael Aiyepada - Director, Human Resource management

Micheal Aiyepada is a SDG advocate, an Associate member of Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) and a chartered accountant (ICAN) by profession. Over his years of humanitarian service, he has worked and trained volunteers for different organisations. He believes that building a strong and formidable army of young and passionate change agents is the bedrock to making sustainable change in our society today. He is also passionate about creating opportunities on Business and Job awareness for the african youths with the intention of reducing the unemployment rate in Nigeria. At leisure, he loves to read news and listen to good music.

ReachiAfrica Shina Oladeji

Mr Shina Oladeji - Director I, Public Communications.

Shina  Oladeji is a Medical Doctor in training, a Public speaker and a Policy Enthusiast. He has over two years of experience in Mentorship, Student Leadership, Volunteering and Libertarian Movement. He is a proficient writer, an editor and an award essayist.

As an unapologetic optimist, Shina believes that every young African, like himself as the potential to be catalysts of positive transformation in the African society. Through REACHi Africa, he believes Nigeria and indeed Africa will move from third-world to first world status. His interests are Politics, Writing, Reading and Traditional African Music

ReachiAfrica Diora Daniel

Miss Diora Daniel - Director II, Public Communications

Diora Daniel is a certified content creator at Maverick Skills Hub, a communicator, inspirational instructor, and an active volunteer. She is passionate about writing and has worked (still works) with several organizations such as InkBleed Africa as a content creator.

Aside being a content writer, she is design graphics sometimes. She believe that through words, colors and illustrations, she can contribute her quota towards achieving the sustainable developmental goals in Africa. Beside inspiring and stirring up a need to develop individuals who come across her contents, she has also helped others develop their passion for writing as well to help make the world a better place. When she is not designing, or creating contents, she loves to play with children.

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