About Us

Relief for Education and Child Health initiative [REACHi Africa], a registered youth-led nonprofit organization is committed to helping teenagers and children in resource-limited communities’ access quality education and healthcare. 

Formerly known as Peniel Touch initiative, REACHi Africa strives to achieve sustainable development goals 3 & 4 in Africa. We aim to “ensure access to basic healthcare facilities, inclusive and equitable quality education while promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all children.”

Our Vision

We envision a world where children and teenagers can thrive and fulfil their highest aspirations in life irrespective of their background.

Our Mission

To help young people from resource-limited communities thrive by providing support for their educational pursuits and improving access to quality healthcare.

Our Why

We believe that providing quality education and healthcare will not only level playing field for children/teenagers today, but will in turn help them break intergenerational cycles of poverty and poor health tomorrow.

Core Values

Accountability, Collaboration, Empowerment.

Our target is to empower at least five hundred thousand young people by 2025.

Without health care and quality education, how can children reach their full potential? And without a healthy, productive population, how can societies realize their aspirations?

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Give A Little, Help A Lot