A world where children can achieve their highest aspirations irrespective of their background.

We help young people from resource-limited communities thrive by providing support for their educational pursuits and improving access to quality healthcare.
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Good Healthcare and Well-being

Improving reproductive, mental, child, maternal and newborn health today while raising awareness on infectious diseases & control to ensure a healthy future for our society .

Quality Education

Ensuring that the african child get access to inclusive and equitable quality education that will promote lifelong learning opportunities, making it possible for them to contribute to a progressive, healthy world.

Youth Empowerment

Creating a better community for our children by giving them access to resources that will help them to build confidence and work in the direction of attaining growth and transformation.

Zero Hunger

Ending hunger and achieving food security by ensuring that children and nursing mothers have access to support schemes that will help improve their nutrition.

Relief for Education and Child Health initiative [REACHi Africa] is a registered youth-led nonprofit organization committed to helping teenagers and children in resource-limited communities to access quality education and healthcare. 

Our Projects

Our adolescent and child total care advocacy program. Accurate information on mental, sexual and reproductive…

Promoting access to basic healthcare to young people in Northern Nigeria. We offer free medical services spanning from…

Providing safe and affordable learning centres for children in underserved communities while improving access…

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